Picture Signature

Scroll down on the right side of the page...

see all those faces?
those are picture signatures.

 That is how contributors author their work in Schmutzine.
 Everyone makes their own, and on each spread of the zine, these  link the art  on the spread to the artists.
it doesn't have to be a portrait either, just something you choose will  represent you within the zine.

- it  can change every issue if you want

- again, you have to make your own.  it doesn't have to take more than 5 minutes, or be anything fancy.
You can throw it on a napkin and take a photo of it and send it in...bada bing bing.

photoshop filters or any automated design or draw programs?  maybe not so much ... ... come on ... it'll take you more time to avoid making something than to make something.

Leave your written signature for your paychecks, insurance release forms and job applications...