SCHMUTZine is a collaborative art zine that collects and reuses creative leftovers.

Along either side of the website, you'll notice the picture signatures of all of our 75 contributors. Scroll through them all to get familiar with our creative community!

SCHMUTZine brings together people from all over the world.  The interactive map below shows where all the contributors of the zine are living.  Click on a location to see the city and picture signatures of the region's contributors.

View the SCHMUTZINE Contributor Map  in a larger version

Facebook PageContributor Group

We have a public page on Facebook where we'll post zine and website updates, check it out, and feel free to ask us about the zine or anything else you're curious about.

We also have a private group for SCHMUTZine contributors who have submitted to the zine over the years.  It allows us to share our zine submissions pre-publication, collect feedback to help guide the zine, and also gives everyone involved an opportunity to meet each other.  If you've been involved in the past and would like to join, send an email to: